feelin' flaky

Sunday, April 1, 2012

My Bedroom Closet

A bedroom closet isn't normally a room in the house that you decorate. It's the place that no visitor sees, so why in the world would you bother making it look presentable? Let alone pretty. 

Last week, I was standing inside my closet, and realized, "I hate this room". Because of my procrastination and laziness, I allowed it to become hideous....  I'm sure there's no one else out there that hates their closet? ................right  ;)

Here's what it looked like for the past 10 months.


A mix of boxes overflowing with clothes and shoes; and on one end, random decorations that didn't have a home yet.... 

That mess got old, so last week I removed everything, purged a ton of items for our up-coming garage sale, and returned the kept items to the closet. 


After seeing the results of a little effort, I'm excited to do more! 

 Instead of being in a shoe box on the bathroom counter, the jewelry received a pretty home on display

At the moment, I'm contemplating a paint color for the walls. Yes, even in a closet. I mean, why not enjoy every space in your home?!

Can't wait to make the finishing touches this week!