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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Wash Room

After I'm finished with my closet, the laundry room is going to be next on my list - The pic below is not mine, but I thought it was funny! And ours is worse, way worse.

These laundry rooms inspire me, and the one above inspires me even more to keep on working hard at tackling my own "Yikes" about the home!

Adorable wall paper! I love how this room hardly looks like a laundry work space, so decorative

Decals on washing machine are a must :)
Love the pleated skirt under the sink too

I love rolled towels, they look so neat and tidy

This is a huge area, so wish I had the square feet

Such a great mud room, love how big and bright it is

You can't ever go wrong with yellow, always a fave of mine

My laundry room is a walk through space from the garage and very small. So I've got to keep the wall colors bright, and store items from floor to ceiling if possible. Make use of the walls so that we have a clear place to walk. Not an ideal set up, but so thankful that I now have my own, instead of sharing a basement laundry in a duplex  :)


  1. Oh.ma.word. I know. I need to do something about both my closets and my laundry "area" My washer and dryer are right in the open in my kitchen in this house :/ My house smells like Downy. But it looks terrible! :)

    1. haha, your comment made me smile - you're so funny! ;) I bet you could come up with a cute organized solution for your laundry, I have faith in yo skeels!