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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

My Christmas Gift... by far my favorite ever!

The husband surprised me with this for Christmas. I looked at it through Craigslist, but decided not to purchase it due to it being overpriced, in my thrifty opinion. But, he obviously remembered how much I loved it... so come Christmas morning, he had me walk out to the garage and take a peek at my present... I was just a tad excited :)

It's a vintage sideboard from Germany(so I was told), it's heavy duty quality, beautiful interior wood, and hand-painted with stencil all over the exterior(stating the obvious).

It houses all our movies, and is truly the statement piece of the room, I'm in love!

DIY: Vintage Desk/Chair & Filing Cabinet Facelift

We found the filing cabinet at a Yankee Candle store, they were having a "Store Closing" sale, and so they were selling everything, literally! We nabbed it for $5.

The kiddos and I found the blue desk and chair set at Goodwill for $25.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! Enjoy.


AFTER = in our Guestroom, functions as our wee office space.

Catwalk Wall

My hubby had been eyeing this piece of art at Ikea for the past 3 trips we'd gone to shop(2 years worth), and when we were there last time a couple months ago, he decided it was the right moment to take the plunge and actually purchase it - I was so proud of him ;)

That said, I could NOT hang it on a blank, blah, wall. It motivated me to stop procrastinating and paint the darn thing! With hints from my hubby, it only took me 2 days to choose the paint color and have it finished... he came home one night to it's surprise color....  DEEP, DARK Eggplant purple. He loves it! I knew he would, since it's his all-time favorite color.




Our Kiddo's Neutral Shared Bedroom

This sweet room is finished.. for the most part. If I said it was complete I'd be lying. I was tired of waiting until it was "Perfect" to post.. seriously, who cares.

The before pics were taken 1 year ago! Where does the time go???! When I was pregnant with our #4, and planning the bedroom, secretly, I think our whole family was hoping for a baby brother for our son, and I was mentally planning for a shared boy's room...  but God had other plans, and in Nov, we were blessed with another girl ;) Her brother was actually sad when we said that it was a "She"... haha, but he got over that fairly quickly, and now loves sharing everything with his baby sister, including their bedroom.

Enjoy the pics, hope something inspires you :)


AFTER = Shared neutral nursery/kid's bedroom

My sister is a fabulous artist. This little Elephant print she gave to my son for his 5th bday. She is going to open an Etsy shop to sell her amazing work... coming soon ;)

Our Little Girl's Bedroom

Sadly, I don't think I ever took before photos of this room... at least I can't find them; if I did, it was right after we moved in and they are lost in our photo abyss. So the somewhat finished product will have to do.

If you have any questions, please ask and I'd be more than happy to answer! enjoy :)

The bookshelf/Princess dress-up stash is my old CD rack that I bought at Pier1 when I was 16... I could never seem to part with it, and was determined to find another use for it - my hubby safely mounted it on the wall for me.

This tiny plaque was given to me as a baby(1985), and my mom found it in their home and returned it to me this past year.  

Guest room/Office BEFORE & AFTER

I have waited way too long to post this. It has been finished for months now, and I'm finally getting around to uploading the pics. I think some of these "Before" photos I took in 2012!! Oh. My. Gosh.   I'm happy that I finished, and it's definitely a huge improvement.

If you have any questions about anything you see, feel free to ask! Enjoy.


AFTER = our Guest room & Office.