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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Real Comfort!

Ok, I can honestly say, I didn't want to leave.

Aaron had a work day with some guys from church at the "Pot O Gold Ranch" (haha, name is kinda funny) on Saturday, and I didn't want to be away from him on his day off, so, the kid's and I piled into the Sienna and off we drove for the 1 hour drive. The ranch is located outside a small town named Comfort

I must admit, my main reason for going was to check out the antique shops :)

After seeing Aaron for lunch, the kid's and I headed to the town for some shoppin'!

It was a pleasant trip. The kid's never cease to amaze me at how well they shop along side me, I'm so blessed with sweet, happy lil tikes!  

Every shop was unique...

And this one was our favorite, I the store, and the kids LOVED the shop owner's Pugs, Hudson & Molly :)

They shared the cutest "Home" I'd ever seen! Along with vintage iron beds, sofa, rocking chair, vanity, and all the sweetest mini decor you'd ever see in one spot! We'll definitely be back to pay them a visit.

Aaron met up with us in town after he was finished with work, and we continued to stroll through 7th street...  Our biggest regret of the trip was that it came to 5pm and the shops closed. We then headed to the town park and enjoyed some good ol' fashioned, wood and metal playground play time, complete with steep all metal Slide, wood plank Seesaws, and high chain link Swings!

Referring to the title of my post, the town was true to it's name, it was a real comfort to spend the day there and be reminded of the simple things in life, and how they really are, the best.

It is now our favorite spot, we'll be going back as soon as possible :)

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