feelin' flaky

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Date Night!

The hubby and I went on a date last night. Five Guys Burger & Fries for din, amazing eats as always!

 then we went to see The Vow...

I had been anticipating going to watch it, and wasn't disappointed, Aaron and I both loved it. Excellent story!

Afterwards, I grabbed a Starbucks shaken ice tea lemonade and he some Maple Bacon ice cream, yum!
Nothing better than a care-free outing with your best friend :)


  1. Such a cute movie huh? I loved it too :) So excited to see what you do w/the giant spool. I've been brain storming but can't think of anything cool

    1. Yes, I was surprised at some of the really good messages it gave. Wholesome story line. and ya, the spool is still a work in progress... will upload pics once we finish it... :) Thanks for your input Kayla!