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Friday, December 20, 2013

It's Christmas Time...!

The kiddos and I have had a fun time putting up our holiday decorations... slowly but surely it's all done. Nothing extravagant, just some simple things to make it feel "Merry and Bright" around our living space.

They helped me wrap and ship our packages...

We still need to add the fourth stocking for Aspen, coming in the mail soon! :)

Replaced my regular mug display, and in their places, a collection of beautiful ornaments. I believe this was the kid's favorite part, helping to hang them.

My piano got a few new touches...

In October, our two year old, Capri, drug this branch home all by herself... wouldn't take any help, and insisted on dragging it the whole 1 mile to our garage - crazy lady ! ;)

Jubalee & Tremain held it in place while I secured it for decorating...

Our tree is a simple one this year...cute lil chubby shape. The kid's chose him :)

Daddy and kid's dressed the tree up, did a fabulous job!

I'm loving to update my wreath each season and holiday... could become an addiction if I'm not careful.

Merry Christmas to each of you. Remember the true meaning of the season.... Jesus Christ came to earth for us! :)

"Thanks be unto God for His unspeakable gift"!
II Corinthians 9:15


  1. How pretty! I love the shape of your tree. My sister has one that looks just like that and I think she out it in a bucket. I love that branch. Cool idea!

  2. Thanks. Yes, we love our lil round tree :)
    Merry Christmas Karen!