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Friday, November 8, 2013

Our Front Door in Progress.

It has been a very busy couple months. Have done a project or two, but my distraction from actually blogging about them has been the fact that I was in my third trimester with our 4th baby - yay! Long story short, our wee one finally arrived on November 2nd, first thing in the morning :) All this week has revolved around healing from the labor and delivery, and of course, nurturing our new little addition.

But now that I have quite a bit of free time, I decided to go ahead and post one new project. Although I cannot take much of the credit because my hubby was the one who did all the work. I decided on a light blue, and then he chose the exact shade, and painted the whole thing while I was out of town. 

We love it! The front door looks WAY better than the original.... which by the way, I don't have a before photo because I never took one... what was I thinking?! That's half the fun, to look back on and compare, but alas, I forgot to - won't happen again with any other project.  Anyway, the original door color was a burnt red, and it made the entry blend right into the rest of the house.

 And here's a close up of my first fall wreath. I know, I'm 28 and never hung a wreath on my door, pathetic. But the point is I finally did :)  Good ol' Hobby Lobby is where I found all the cool stuff to make it.

Happy November! 

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  1. I love it! You're amazing in that you just had a baby and did a little makeover in your house :-) great job!