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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Garage Saling Goodies = found!

I had an utter blast on my latest garage sale outing.
For those of you who haven't ever gone, or have, and just don't see the point.... well, you're missing out! It's one of the best ways to find treasures for your home at a super cheap price.  My love of the hunt started when I lived in Toledo, OH, and it hasn't subsided yet.
This recent "Treasure Hunt" was a success! I wanted to post pictures of everything I bought, but the list would have been too much, so I am posting some of my favorites:

Saw these scalloped edged bowls, and absolutely loved 'em!

                                   $3 for all 6!

Vintage apron, says "Count my blessings mom",  just in time for Mother's Day ;)


Mint condition, Norman Vincent Peale Bible Stories. I remember having this book as a child, and am so excited to pass on these true stories to my little ones


Vintage glass and metal salt shaker - reminds me of a Chess piece.  I only wish it was a pair...


Loved these lil mini pinata ornaments!

 $.25 for all 3

Vintage hair brush and mirror set - they are more pleasing to the eye in person!


Vintage Asian umbrella - works wonderfully, can't wait to find a home for it on display


Saw them, loved them! vintage hand-stitched mini pictures of cute, wee bugs

$2 for all

The detailing is in 3D, haha  ;)  Really though, way cuter in person, of course!

Driving through the neighborhood, I spotted this framed art from the road, parked, and ran over to snag it - totally my style! I love vintage art such as these


I have had my garage saling days where I just don't find anything that I absolutely love, but it's worth it to keep trying, because a day like this one happens where I hit the jack pot!

So if you're skeptical to try it, just do it - you'll love it!  My source for leads to good sales would be:
Your local Craigslist
and, watch for the signs while you're out  

Happy Saling!  :)

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