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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Bathroom Design: Antique Industrial

It has taken me 3 years to finally tackle one of our 3 bathrooms. All that set aside, I did it... with the help of my amazing hubby! :) There's still a couple things I'd like to perfect/add, but for now, it's finished!  My design goal was for the room to have an Antique Industrial look and feel.

Here are the photos, enjoy!

BEFORE... with partially removed lower half wallpaper(green, gold and navy stripes)


Painted all the walls, 3 colors total: upper walls/ceiling is pure white, middle "unfinished" walls are a taupe, bottom walls are classic chalkboard paint. All decor is from the following: World Market, Hobby Lobby, garage sales, Anthropologie clearance, & we made the light ourselves.

For those of you who notice small details, you probably saw that there's no toilet roll holder mounted? I didn't have time to purchase the hardware for it yet, but this is what my hubby's going to make soon:

Saw this at our Local Coffee Shop and loved it!


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