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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Our Kiddo's Neutral Shared Bedroom

This sweet room is finished.. for the most part. If I said it was complete I'd be lying. I was tired of waiting until it was "Perfect" to post.. seriously, who cares.

The before pics were taken 1 year ago! Where does the time go???! When I was pregnant with our #4, and planning the bedroom, secretly, I think our whole family was hoping for a baby brother for our son, and I was mentally planning for a shared boy's room...  but God had other plans, and in Nov, we were blessed with another girl ;) Her brother was actually sad when we said that it was a "She"... haha, but he got over that fairly quickly, and now loves sharing everything with his baby sister, including their bedroom.

Enjoy the pics, hope something inspires you :)


AFTER = Shared neutral nursery/kid's bedroom

My sister is a fabulous artist. This little Elephant print she gave to my son for his 5th bday. She is going to open an Etsy shop to sell her amazing work... coming soon ;)

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