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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Playroom turned Sewing/Schoolroom!

finally finished my recent project. It took over a month, which drove me nuts in my head, but that's ok, all that matters is that it's D.O.N.E!

My writing isn't fabulous, so I'm going to skip right to the pictures, which is all you care about anyway......!

This is what the mini loft room looked like when we bought our house.                                     

The wallpaper was hideous. Total 90's boy/sport print with words such as "Slam Dunk!", "Way to Go!", "Score!"...etc.

In Process:

The wallpaper came off in sheets, but left behind the backing. I was hesitant at first, but I went ahead and painted right over the top of it; seriously, no biggy!

Had to do an extra coat of paint over the red. I love Valspar brand from Lowe's, it is a formula of Paint & Primer.

And now(*drum roll).....AFTER!

Paint color: Valspar Minty

Vintage table $8, vintage red chair FREE, lamp $1, S floral sign $5, metal vintage child's school desks $10 each, family pictures displayed with yarn, clothespins and staples.

I love these metal organizers from HomeGoods for $20 each

I'm looking forward to some sewing!

Pan clock from Pier 1

Found this vintage rainbow picture at Salvation Army $3

She loves her new desk :)

I'm so proud of them, they anticipate doing their school work each morning!

Our three kiddos enjoying the finished product.

I really like it now!

Let me just encourage you that you don't have to spend a ton of money to decorate the way you love.... just be patient, persistant, and shop at thrift stores, garage sales, craigslist, and then fill in at discount stores such as HomeGoods, Hobby Lobby, etc...

Now onto my next project...... coming soon. 


  1. Hello there :) Nice to here from you again. Great job on the room.
    I love those desks!

    1. HI Dana! I think it's funny how we haven't seen each other for over 7 years, and yet, we find our we have a lot in common through Pinterest and such. Perhaps one day we shall meet again... in person! haha

  2. Okay love it!! Also love that you have a hello kitty sewing machine! :) Love you pal!

    1. Don't you just love the machine?! Found that through Urban Outfitters, and was like "What the???!" got it on sale :)

  3. Love what you did on the room!! Thrifty AND chic!! Your kiddos are adorable too :) So nice to discover your blog after being a fan of your Pinterest... (im TrueLove) God's blessings on your day!!

  4. Hi "TrueLove"! Thank you much :)
    I'm all about thrifty, love looking for cheap goodies!
    God bless you too, and look forward to getting to know you better through good ol' Pinterest. Take care Bethany

  5. Oh my word...AMAZING! You are so talented and I so wish I could see it in person :-( Love you and miss you bunches!

    1. Linz, thanks! Definitely nice to hear a word of encouragement! As you now know, attempting to finish decorating projects around the house is way slower when you have precious kiddos to attend to.... so patience truly is a virtue these days for me :)

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  7. Hi, No I don't believe I did, I just went through my email again just to be sure, don't see anything from you... sorry! Try again if you like :)

  8. So I found you on Pinterest, via that thing that pops up when you pin something, saying someone else pinned it, too. I started looking at your boards, and felt - hey, now here's a kindred spirit!
    So here I am - and I see you haven't posted in some months, but I'm here to follow your blog anyway, in hopes you return. :)
    You can check out mine, too, if you'd like just so you know I'm not a wacko.. ;)

  9. Nice to "Meet" you Amanda ;) Thanks for your interest in my blog....or lack of I should say, I haven't been on here in forever :( Real life with a hubby and three kiddos has kept me too busy, but that is A-OK! Living real life these days is a good thing. Although, I do want to post some recent house projects soon. You have inspired me. I will check out your blog too, take care!